$120 Gas Fireplace Service & Repair

Unlike many other gas service companies, we ONLY do gas fireplace service and repair. Therefore, we have a strong understanding of gas fireplaces and their components, and it also makes it easier to schedule a gas fireplace service with us on your schedule. Check out our gas fireplace service rates

Like all gas lines in your home, you should ONLY have a LICENSED GAS FITTER working on your gas fireplace.


Don’t be afraid to ask your technician to see his gas license.

gas fireplace service and gas fireplace repair in bc

Gas fireplaces need to be serviced on a regular basis to ensure they are working safely. 


When not properly maintained, gas fireplaces can perform unsafely. 

The Gas Safety Authority of BC recommends yearly maintenance service of your fireplace by a licensed professional. Ask to see your gas fireplace professional’s license!

Some common signs if your gas fireplace is malfunctioning or in need of service, as outlined by Fortis BC:

  • pilot light outages
  • “booming” noises upon ignition
  • delayed ignition (slow to start up)
  • excessive soot or corrosion inside the fireplace or on the vent
  • a “rotten egg” or sulphur smell (that’s the odourant in the natural gas) that may cause eyes to sting
  • symptoms of the presence of carbon monoxide: nausea, headaches, lethargy or other flu-like symptoms

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